Workover Riser System for Jack-Up`s

Live well operations as completion, wireline interventions, coiled tubing interventions, well testing, and workover operations, are activities in wellconstruction where it is critical to keep the well barrier integrity intact.

During these phases, the well is “live” and the risk for blow-outs is at its highest. The well access equipment package required to perform live operations on a subsea well is generally called “workover riser (WOR) system”.

We deliver turnkey solutions (products and services) to provide a complete live well barrier system for performing completion, workover, well testing, plug-and-abandonment (P&A) operations from Jack-Up`s on subsea fields.
A typical WOR system consist of following main Components:

  • WOR tubularswo-riser-system
  • BOP Slick Joint Assy
  • BOP Shear Sub Assy
  • Constant Tension Table
  • WOR Adjustment Sub
  • SSTT & LV valve assemblies
  • TH RT interfaces
  • XO interfaces
  • Control lines
  • Chemical lines
  • Work Over Control System (WOCS) units

Other services: