Casing Landing Assembly (CLA)

The field proven Casing Landing Assembly (CLA) tool is used in the final part of casing string installations from semi-submersibles.

The CLA minimizes the time the casing string is stationary in the open hole area, to prevent stuck casing and safely landing of the casing hanger into the subsea wellhead.

It has a working stroke which allows the casing hanger to be landed in the well head while the top is still attached to the rig elevators. Any heave that is present will be accommodated by the stroke allowing the top to be set in slips while rigging up the cement head and connecting hoses at normal working height. The tool is then fully extended to enable circulation through the string and to proceed with normal cementing operation.

The tool has proven to save 2-3 rig hours during a standard casing/cementing operation, to reduce the time the casing string is stationary, and to improve the working environment for the rig crew.

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