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WellPartner’s WellSafe Installer, represents a step change in mechanical weak links, and will significantly improve safety and operational efficiency in “locked to bottom” operations by providing a unique adjustable weak link able to switch between Weak Mode and Strong Mode. The WellSafe Installer qualified through this pilot project will be unique in the oil and gas industry. The WellSafe Installer is optimized for operations from semi-submersible drilling rigs and drill-ships, and includes the following innovative features:

  • Adjustment of tensile force required to release the weak link.
  • Subsea switching between Weak Mode and Strong Mode, i.e. to optimize the structural capacity and corresponding weather window depending on actual operational requirements.
  • Torque and bending moment capacity of WellSafe Installer are independent of the tensile force setting in Weak Mode.
  • Reconnection of the WellSafe Installer, and recovery of the drill string after Weak Mode release.
  • Reduced risk of weak link failures and more efficient operations for clients.

The project will be initiated January 2017, where the system will undergo onshore testing and qualification in Q2/Q3 2017. The final goal is to execute an offshore pilot test in Q3, 2017.

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