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Privacy and data protection laws protect the integrity and confidentiality of a person’s private information. WellPartner AS and WellPartner Consulting AS (WellPartner) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of our employees and everyone with whom we do business. We will only use personal data for appropriate purposes, and personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable data protection regulation and WellPartner procedures.


WellPartner processes personal data about employees and external consultants working from WellPartner or customer premises. WellPartner also processes personal data about data subjects who are not employed or engaged by WellPartner (see more information below).

WellPartner will always process personal data fairly and lawfully, and only for a specified, explicit and legitimate purpose or as required by law.

WellPartner will ensure appropriate information security related to confidentiality, integrity and availability. Personal data will be retained only for the period that is required to serve the legitimate purpose.

Third party service providers may process personal data on behalf of WellPartner within various areas. WellPartner will implement adequate safeguards in accordance with applicable law to protect your personal data processed by third party service providers.

WellPartner also processes personal data about data subjects that are not employed or engaged by WellPartner, for these purposes:

Procurement Related Matters

WellPartner processes personal data necessary in order to procure goods and services from suppliers and contractors. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


To ensure regulatory compliance with Norwegian and international regulations on sanctions, as well as ensuring compliance with anti-money-laundering regulation, WellPartner may perform a screening of external third parties with whom WellPartner has relations.


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The personal data WellPartner may collect and hold about data subjects includes:

  • contact information such as name and address, telephone numbers and email address
  • details about an individual’s work experience and qualifications, national identity number, banking information, next of kin information
  • screening-related information
  • business details, including the names of relevant office holders of a company and business numbers

Personal data may be collected in a number of ways, including:

  • directly by WellPartner staff when establishing a business relationship or through operational dealings;
  • from a third party service provider or agent, from a source of publicly available information (e.g. websites) or from an employer (e.g. where a supplier or contractor provides personal data about their employees); or through use of WellPartner’s website


National and international data protection gives rights to data subjects. Please refer to these regulations for further information about your rights.

If you have questions or want to exercise your rights as a data subject, please contact WellPartner (email address: