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Safe & Efficient

We are a service company that delivers technical expertise and high quality equipment and services within subsea drilling, completion and well intervention operations.

We`ll make a difference

We have gained a reputation in the industry for being solution-oriented, responsive and focused on our customers’ needs.

Product animations

Wellsafe Explorer

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WellSafe is a safety device designed to prevent major incidents during “locked to bottom” operations from a floating drilling vessel

Casing Landing Assembly

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The CLA minimizes the time the casing string is stationary in the open hole area, to prevent stuck casing and safely landing of the casing hanger into the subsea wellhead.

Latest updates

New website

WellPartner is pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a new...

International operation for WellSafe Installer

WellPartner has just completed the first international operation with our drill pipe weak link product...

QA/QC Engineer

The QA/QC Engineer will have a leading role in the implementation of and adherence to...
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