Successful Deployment of WellSafe system on Deep Sea Bergen

The Wellsafe system is designed to function as a weaklink system in “locked to bottom” operations performed from Semi submersible drilling rigs and/or Drillships.

In 2015 WellPartner and industry partner Statoil was awarded support from DEMO2000 in order to qualify and demonstrate WellPartner’s WellSafe System in conjunction with a subsea well workover riser operation.

The WellSafe System was successfully manufactured, assembled and tested during fall 2015 and winter 2016. The system was mobilized to Deep Sea Bergen for an offshore well completion operation in April 2016. The system was successfully utilized in conjunction with a nitrogen displacement operation, using an FMC workover riser system. Key Performance Indicators as follows:

• Effective rig time for system handling during rig up – 1 hours
• Effective rig time for system handling during rig down – 1 hours

Total rig time saving compared to alternative rig up on Deep Sea Bergen is estimated to 11 hrs with an equivalent value of 2,5 mill NOK.