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WellPartner has performed more than 60 successful Casing Landing Assembly (CLA) operations on the NCS, saving cost and improving HSE performance for the Operators.

The CLA tool is deployed by multiple clients and rigs, and reduces the number of rig operations required to install Casing hangers in subsea wellheads, as well as it improves rig efficiency during BOP testing. Further the tool proves to save rig time in connection with Conductor installations from dual derrick rigs.

With the average rig time saving of 2,5 hrs. pr. operation, WellPartners 60 operations has saved the Operators for an estimated cost of more than 20 mill NOK.

Customer testimonies:

  • “CLA tool was easy to make up and easy to operate”
  • “CLA tool proved once again to be a very useful and versatile tool when landing and cementing casing”
  • “Highly recommended to run CLA on both 13 3/8” and 9 5/8” casing”
  • “We saved time 1-2 hrs when we were able to rig down the cement head while pressure testing BOP”
  • “If we would experience unforeseen problems with the cement head, this can be fixed without any rig heave ”
  • “Highly recommended to run CLA”
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