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The Assistant Well Supervisor is responsible for the following “see to” tasks;
• Follow up operations with regard to the working environment, safety and the external environment including conducting safety inspections together
with the contractor’s management, and participating in safety meetings and safety delegate meetings.
• Ensure that the personnel participating in the work, the work that is executed and the services/equipment that are delivered are at the quality stipulated
in the guidelines through governing documentation, programmes, agreements and contracts.
• Ensure that the personnel participating in the work has a methodology of identifying and handle risk.
• Ensure that results from risk assessments are communicated and taken into account in the work that is performed.
• Ensure that personnel on training are exposed to job training as effectively as possible.
• Responsibility for follow-up of the service rig/well intervention vessel maintenance system, and for ensuring, through use of verifications,
that the contractor upholds their responsibilities.
• Submit proposals for improvements to governing documentation, programmes and procedures, and for ensuring that any non-conformities are reported and processed,
as well as follow-up of necessary corrective actions.
• Ensure that quality data and quality non-conformance (both positive and negative) are reported.

The Assistant Well Supervisor is responsible for the following operational follow up;
• Follow up the operation regarding planned activities according to programmes, plans and operational procedures
• Hold and participate in meetings together with the contractor and service companies in order to review operation plans and associated risk assessment and SJA
• Staying continuously updated on the progress of the operation and monitoring important operative parameters in order to effect optimal operation and to
obviate/minimise the consequences of any problems that might occur.
• Actively using the operational community/discipline network in order to raise the quality of their own work, and to contribute to experience transfer to other units/projects.
• Provide input to the Well Supervisor with regard to the choice of equipment/services and for ensuring that these are ordered and delivered at the correct time.
• Attestation of received services/deliveries and for evaluation of the quality of these in accordance with established procedures and power of authorization.
• Actively participating in experience transfer in their own unit as well as across units, and for ensuring approved reporting from the allocated unit to the office.
• Execute all reporting to the office and for obtaining specialist support from this as required.
• Ensure that quality data is reported in DBR and that quality deviations (both positive and negative) are registered in Synergi.
• Synergi HSE reporting as required.
• Verify documentation that stipulates the well status at takeover and at handover to operations.
• Participate in work in their own unit outside the normal roster as required.

• Experience as Assistant Well Supervisor NCS.
• Experience from Light Well Operation is an advantage

Additional qualifications:
• Master degree and 8+ years relevant experience OR
• Bachelor degree and 12+ years relevant experience OR
• 2+ years higher education and 16+ years relevant experience OR
• No higher education and 20+ years relevant experience

Duration: 01.02.2020 – 31.12.2020
Options: 2 x 6 months
Location: Offshore
Deadline CV: Asap and latest 02.12.2019

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