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The WellSafe Completer System is in an early design phase. The Completer design will be based on the field proven WellSafe Enabler and WellSafe Intervention principles and technology. WellPartner may provide the system on a purchase or rental basis. The projected lead time to design, manufacture and test the WellSafe Completer is estimated to 14-18 months.

WellSafe Completer is a safety device designed to prevent major incidents during “locked to bottom” operations from floating vessels.
• Applicable for all locked-to-bottom operations (including coiled tubing)
• Protects against overload on Workover riser
• Can be turned on and off
• Remotely operated from strong- to weak mode
• Strong mode during rig up and landing
• Weak mode in “locked to bottom”
• Adjustable weak mode setting point
• Activates on over-tension and loss of tension
• Includes Coiled Tubing handling system, comprising vertical and horizontal skidding of CT injector head for rigging purposes

Operational/Cost Benefit
• Compliant with existing rig handling systems.
• Improved HSE performance during WL operation
• No interference to personnel in compensator lock events
• Safe handling of equipment and reduced risk of dropped objects
• Full riser system integrity in a rig compensator lock event
• Protects the well control equipment from accidental tension loads

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