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WellSafe Installer is a safety device designed to prevent major incidents during “locked to bottom” operations from floating vessels.

Typical applications are installation and retrivel of X-mas Tree’s using drillpipe and installation of subsea casing hangers, tubing hangers.

In the event of a primary rig compensator failure, the tool will separate at a preset tension force preventing fatal accidents, severe damage to subsea and rig equipment, and non-productive time.

The WellSafe Installer can be set in strong mode (typical same strength as the DP) while running in, and can be remotely operated in to “WeakLink” mode when locked to bottom.

• Increased weather window for installation of s equipment.
• Allows for higher rig offset before a disconnect is required.
• Same tool can be used multiple times with same setup.
• Quick and simple to change tool weak mode setting point.
• No consequential damage to subsea equipment due to recoil effects.
• No subsea equipment need to be recovered.
• WellSafe Installer can be redressed within hours.

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